Metal Cutting

 Metal cutting is the first step in processing the raw metal material. However, achieving excellent results requires utilizing the right tools and having the expertise to accomplish the project at hand. For your professional metal cutting, Hamilton Manufacturing Services is the ideal company to turn to. We are experts in metal cutting, forming and fabrication.

Hamilton Manufacturing Services is dedicated to providing excellent metal cutting services. We have the right tools to process varieties of  materials and thicknesses safely, quickly, and efficiently. From aluminum to steel, hot rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, we can handle your metal cutting projects brilliantly and promptly.

What’s more, our wide range of metal cutting options include CNC Fiber Laser Cutting, Production Sawing, Automated Cold Sawing, and Strip Stamping. We also offer tube cutting, tube bending, and welding services. Above all, we deliver our metal cutting and fabrication services at the most competitive prices and without compromising on quality.

Production Tube Cutting

In addition, our automated cold sawing services help deliver more precision, accuracy, and speed for cutting through metals, including steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. The tube cutting process gets the job done with exact tolerance and produces a smooth and clean finish. Most importantly, there will be no need for additional machining.

Strip Stamping and Tube Forming

What’s more, we offer strip stamping and tube forming services to help transform strip steel and tubing into different shapes. Our presses can cut through and form metal surfaces quickly and with high efficiency. We deliver steel stamping and forming for large volumes of metal, up to 75 tons, and can match your desired shapes.

CNC Laser Cutting

At Hamilton Manufacturing Services, our CNC laser cutting employs a high-powered  fiber optic laser beam to cut metal and materials into custom designs and shapes. Our CNC cutting machines are capable of cutting different designs with greater accuracy and precision. With our CNC cutting expertise, we can produce more intricate and complex parts without any need for custom-designed metal cutting tools.

Automated Production Cold Sawing

Our automated production sawing at Hamilton Manufacturing Services aims to produce the most accurate, fastest, and consistent cuts. Also, we offer flexible services, and our experts are able to deliver personalized services to meet your quantity requirements or unique design needs.


Why Choose Us for Your Metal Cutting?

Are you tired of high prices, low-quality craftsmanship, and long delays? Here are some reasons to choose Hamilton Manufacturing Services for your CNC Laser Cutting and metal cutting:

Industry Leader:

With over 100 years of experience in metal forming and fabrication, our company has emerged as an industry leader providing high-quality, efficient, affordable, and outstanding customer service.

Experienced Team:

We work with a dedicated team of metal cutting experts, craftsmen, and technicians. Our qualified experts can deliver an exceptional job that will surpass your expectations.

Superior Quality:

Our metal cutting services are delivered with a high level of quality and precision. You can be assured that anything we fabricate for you will be of the highest quality.

Competitive Prices:

Hamilton Manufacturing Services remains the best place to turn to for the most competitive prices on metal cutting, tube cutting and metal fabrication. Our comprehensive, in-house processes allow us to provide competitive pricing.

Fast Production:

In addition, we have a fast production lead time. We deliver your project promptly without compromising on quality and cost.

Metal Cutting and CNC metal Cutting

Are you tired of long lead times, high prices, and low-quality craftsmanship? You’re not alone. We have consolidated our supply chain to provide quick turnaround time without compromising on quality or cost. Get your quote now to see what HMS can do for you, from industrial sewing to robotic welding.

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