Flat Panel Lamination

Hamilton Manufacturing Services uses the latest technologies, including hot and cold presses, PUR and Hotmelt edge banding, CNC panel sizing, and continuous post-formers to produce industry-standard, solid grade, and post-forming laminates. Our idea of quality is a finished product that keeps our customers happy. Our flat panel lamination service is the practical choice for many because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. We are primed to provide flat panel lamination for all kinds of surfaces and meet all surface requirements. Customers are welcome to explore the endless choices of texture, colors, and finishes available.

Our flat panel processing service relies heavily on the presence of the right equipment here at our facility. Customers can rest assured that our facilities are equipped to successfully bond to various substrates. We, more commonly, work with substrates like chipboard, plywood, and MDF and can make exceptions for custom flat-panel lamination needs where necessary. We also work with various panel sheet sizes ranging from the smallest to as large as 10 x 5 (3050 x 1525mm). Our common laminate choices include Polyrey, Egger, Abert, and Formica, to mention but a few.

Our longstanding commitment to quality flat panel lamination services remains unwavering. We continue to build awesome products while nurturing existing relationships based on mutual respect and quality service delivery. Our customers are familiar with our competitively priced products, commitment to excellence, and overall fast processing solutions.

Flat panel laminations with a guarantee

Our flat panel lamination process is detailed and set up for quality output. Melamine-faced materials like chipboards and MDF are faced on both sides with melamine resin-treated paper. This process allows us to cut down on a significant amount of processing time as there is no need for pressing or bonding. We proceed to cut the substrate to size and edge them before they are pushed out.

Our high-pressure laminate process offers a versatile approach to surfacing. The surfacing material can be bonded and post-formed to meet your requirement, including specific material requests. The process offers you a final product that is easy to care for and presents regular properties that you love. Our high-pressure laminates are perfect for commercial and residential use and come in various colors, textures, and finishes guaranteed to spice up the room.

We also have compact panels that offer the highest water resistance and impact strength. Our compact panels are designed for the most demanding and rigorous situations and circumstances like laboratories, exterior cladding, educational facilities, bathroom areas, and cubicles, to mention a few. We have perfected the approach to compact panels using tissue overlay that consists of one decorative print or solid design paper on both sides. The design paper is impregnated with melamine resin, and the substrate is made from a phenolic resin impregnated black kraft paper available in different thicknesses to meet specific needs.

Hamilton Manufacturing Services has handled several projects, including manufacturing flat panel laminates for businesses across industries such as schools, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our goal is to deliver products that offer the highest level of durability and quality at a competitive price.

Flat-panel lamination offers an effective way to laminate from sheets or rolls to an array of core materials. However, getting the best result requires using the right tools and having experts who can handle the necessary tools and tasks. For your professional flat-panel lamination services, Hamilton Manufacturing Services is the ideal contractor to turn to.

At Hamilton Manufacturing Services, we are committed to providing you with the best flat panel lamination. Some of the fantastic services we offer are In-stock laminate from Wilsonart, Arborite, and Formica, Lamination of panels 0.5" in thickness or greater and 60" wide, Custom Graphic Laminate with in house Design Capabilities; substrates including Particle Board, Plywood, & Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and the ability to process additional substrates.

In Stock Laminate From Wilsonart, Arborite, and Formica

At Hamilton Manufacturing Services, we not only manufacture but are also significant distributors of leading laminate brands in the industry, such as Wilsonart, Arborite, and Formica. All these and more are what make us the best choice for your flat-panel lamination services.

Lamination of Panels 0.5" In Thickness or Greater and 60" Wide

In addition, we provide accurate, unique sizes that meet the client's demand. We are capable of developing parts that are 0.5 in thickness or greater than 60 wide. You would think the measures we work with will compromise the task at hand, but the reverse is the case.

Custom Graphic Laminate with In House Design Capabilities

Our custom graphic laminate feature is one you cannot afford to do without; not only does it offer you the fantastic option of creating a surface that's all your own, but you also get to laminate with in-house design capabilities.

Substrates Include Particle Board, Plywood, & Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

We know that picking the suitable wood substrate might sometimes be an issue, so at our company, we provide a variety for you to choose from, including particleboard, plywood, and even medium density fiberboard.

Ability to Process Additional Substrates

We know how important the ability to process additional substrates is to you. Hence we make sure all materials and components are bound so that any additional substrates will not affect the reaction rate.


Why Choose Us for Your Flat Panel Lamination?

Are you tired of high prices, low-quality craftsmanship, and long delays? Here are some reasons to choose Hamilton Manufacturing Services for your Flat Panel Lamination:

Industry Leader:

With over 100 years of experience in metal forming and fabrication, our company has emerged as an industry leader providing high-quality, efficient, affordable, and outstanding customer service.

Experienced Team:

We work with a dedicated team of metal cutting experts, craftsmen, and technicians. Our qualified experts can deliver an exceptional job that will surpass your expectations.

Superior Quality:

Our metal cutting services are delivered with a high level of quality and precision. You can be assured that anything we fabricate for you will be of the highest quality.

Competitive Prices:

Hamilton Manufacturing Services remains the best place to turn to for the most competitive prices on metal cutting, tube cutting and metal fabrication. Our comprehensive, in-house processes allow us to provide competitive pricing.

Fast Production:

In addition, we have a fast production lead time. We deliver your project promptly without compromising on quality and cost.

Metal Cutting and CNC metal Cutting
What is flat-panel lamination?

Flat panel lamination involves bonding a decorative laminate to sheets of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), particle boards, or other types of boards using adhesives. The automated process is cost-effective and efficient.

Should you hire a professional flat panel lamination service provider?

Yes. Flat panel lamination can be a complex process and requires technical know-how. Hiring a professional flat panel lamination service provider improves results, saves money, and ensures your satisfaction.

What are the benefits of flat-panel lamination?

Flat panel processing and flat panel lamination offers benefits like:

High initial tack

100% solid-based adhesive

Easy machine setting

High resistance and increased bond strength against moisture and climate Increased line speed with continuous production

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