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What can HMS do for my business?

Hamilton Manufacturing Services works with a variety of industries when it comes to manufacturing and fabrication. See what we can do for your specific application, or by browsing our information by industry served.

Industries We Serve

Through our years of service, we have obtained a wide range of knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries when it comes to our manufacturing capabilities. HMS has prominent experience in the commercial and educational furniture, hospitality, and material handling industries.


HMS is up for your manufacturing challenges. We handle all our processes under one roof whether it be a complex weldment or a laminated worksurface. Let our team help you grow within your industry

Are you tired of long lead times, high prices, and low-quality craftsmanship? You’re not alone. We have consolidated our supply chain to provide quick turnaround time without compromising on quality or cost. Get your quote now to see what HMS can do for you, from industrial sewing to robotic welding.

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